Tuesday, December 2, 2008


My sister visited. It was great!! I don't have any pictures for some reason (sorry). She camein last week and we hung out alot, we went to an opera and watched some moies together. It was alot of fun. I'm sure she'll put her photos up on facebook, and when I get those I'll edit this post. We also had thanksgiving dinner together, it was nice to have someone here for that.

Sidenote: I heard that Webster won the turkey day game, yay!

This is what happens when I leave them alone

I think I need to hire a babysitter. Seriously I came home the other day and Kaitlyn was taking this picture of Caitlin. Also when I looked through the photos I saw the top photo, which is a ransom for my scarf. Kaitlyn hid the scarf for a week because she was jealous that no one made a scarf and mailed it to her (people love me and send me things, thats not my fault) hehe. I know she was joking when she took it, but I'm glad to have my scarf back, I was worried she would start mailing it back in pieces or something crazy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Damn Computer

So I accidentally downloaded a virus that when I close internet explorer it closes all explorers. So when I try to upload images and after the images are uploaded I close the pop up and it closes the whole blog, therefore it does not save the images, and Ican not post right now because all my posts rely heavily on images. I will put up some good posts as soon as I can fix this......hopefully I can fix it by myself. I blame austria, if they let me watch tv shows for free then I wouldn't have to go to shady websites. In other news today is exactly one month from when I get back. I will be home before you know it. **excitement**

Saturday, November 8, 2008


We were in London over halloween and we found out about this club that wont let you in if you're not dressed crazy enough. It was really awesome and we got in for free. Also there was this band that's lead singer was wearing a fully sequined body suit (see secod picture). It was amazing! I asked where she got it and she said someone makes them for her, then I asked if I could borrow it and she said no. I dont think we're the sme size anyway. Also Caitlin Ayer (bottom picture far left) got second place in the apple bobbing contest, she won some cool things, including batman shower foam.


Proof that I went to Paris, and ate a pizza while I was there.

Zombies + tunnels = bad idea

These are photos from the Catacombs in Paris. It was really freaky being around all these bones. The ceiling was low and you were surrounded by bones, I was just glad that I didn't have to stay down there too long. I kept thinking of World War Z, when they talk about the tunnels under Paris and how during the zombie outbreak everyone went down there and then everyone got trapped and infected. I kept feeling like I would walk around a corner and see a zombie, or imagining how their moans would echo off the walls. Pont is, take my advice and during a zombie outbreak dont go into tunnels under anywhere, it was scary enough without any zombies.
Also in case you didn't notice because its not the best picture ever, the bottom one the skulls are in the shape of a heart. I thought it was sweet.

Friday, October 31, 2008


This was definately the highlight of my trip to paris, Jeff Koons at Versaille. I really like that the lobster is hung where another chandelier used to be. I like them hanging next to eachother like equals, it's just so ridiculous. Alot of people were really mad that all this ridiculous stuff was at Versailles, but I dont know if I would've gone if Jeff Koons' pieces weren't there.